People Who Got Screwed By Online Shopping

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17 People Who Are Living in the Year 3018

“Living in 3017” was a phrase first used in May 2017 by the Twitter user, @MyFavTrash. We’ve put this phrase to good use in the compilation below. The tweet gained over 18,000 retweets and 41,000 likes! Here at Bright Side, we’ve put together a list of people already living in 3018 while we’re stuck here, a thousand years behind them. 1. Make sure your mom doesn’t know that you… Read More »

7 Curious Facts Your Appearance Says About You

Scientists have declared that physiognomy, the art of reading character from faces, is a fake science. However some researchers have proven that a face can deliver very important information about our personality. Carmen E. Lefevre from the University College London assures us that appearance is the product of genes, hormones, and lifestyle. This is why a human’s face can really be a mirror into our soul. Bright… Read More »

10 Leaked Cheating Texts That Will SHOCK YOU

Texts are really dangerous sometimes. Especially if you didnt handle it carefully. Think about sending a text to wrong number ? how much problem it can create ? no idea ? You should really experience it. Continue Reading On Next Page Below

17 Facts About Celebs That Are Hard to Believe

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