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A Top 3 Places which is Quebec Tourist attractions

Quebec tourist attractions

Rafting on snow

Without a doubt one of the most fun activities to do in Quebec in winter! As the name suggests, it is to slide on buoys or rafting canoes along the snow track providing more or fewer thrills.

On the program steep slopes, turns and bumps galore with speeds of up to 100 km/hour! In addition, to avoid you too quickly tiring you by chaining downhill, you just have to sit on the lifts buoys that will take you up the slopes without any effort.


Quebec tourist attractions

Several parks offer this activity but personally, I went to Saint Jean de Matha, located a hundred kilometers from Montreal and I loved it. The atmosphere is family and there were not too many people, so no waiting between descents. The full-day rate is $ 28 excluding taxes.

Other activities such as cross-country skiing, snowshoeing and skating are available at an additional cost. And there is, of course, a catering service on site. Be careful, however, the minimum size required for rafting is 1m25.

Snowmobiling and sled dogs in Quebec

Visiting Quebec is also going to spend a weekend in the countryside and enjoy dog sled rides or snowmobiling in a preserved environment.

Dog Sledding

Many outfitters offer packages starting at $ 75 per person for a 1-hour dog sled ride. To snowmobile in Quebec, count about $ 120 per half day (3h30). You can also pair the 2, ½ day snowmobile and ½ day sled for a fee of $ 240. Attention the minimum age of the driver must be 21 years and a deposit of at least $ 2,000 will be required.

During this weekend in the Quebec nature, you can also introduce you to ice fishing. It’s up to you to make a hole in the ice and be patient to arrive (with a little luck) to catch the evening meal. The half day of fishing will cost you in the $ 65, equipment provided.

You will find this type of package in the provinces of Gaspesie, Laurentides, Mauricie, Eastern Townships and Saguenay Lac-Saint-Jean, all of which enjoy ideal snow conditions.

If you want to take advantage of the great Canadian space during an organized stay, I recommend this 8 day stay in the heart of the wild territories of the Mauricie.

This circuit in Quebec includes half a day of snowmobiling and half a day of sled starting, all for only 820 €! It also leaves free days for ice fishing, snowshoeing and all other winter activities typical of Canada.

Discover Gaspesie

To escape a few days out of the big cities of Quebec, the Gaspesie is the ideal destination to take a full view.
The best way to visit this region is to rent a car and follow Route 132 which runs along the coast and allows you to go all around the region. There are of course many things to do and see in the Gaspesie but if you have only a few days, I recommend 3 places you can not miss.

Gaspesie Quebec tourist attractionsMake a stop in Perce, a village famous for its famous pierced rock that bathes in the Saint Lawrence River just in front of the village. This imposing rock formation is today connected to the ground only at low tide. It is also from this village that you will have access to Bonaventure Island which hosts each year the largest colony of gannets in the world. Tours are organized by boat to go around and admire the birds.

Second stop at the eastern end of Gaspesie, at Forillon National Park. Here you will be able to do a lot of activities: hiking at the edge of the steep cliffs, walk along the bank or in the forest, watching thousands of species of seabirds and seal colonies, whale watching cruise, kayaking, fishing etc. The trek of the “less grand” path is particularly recommended if you want to have on one side the view of the ocean and the other the forest.

Finally the last stop that I recommend: the National Park of Gaspesie recognized as a hotspot in Quebec. This park includes more than twenty peaks above 1000 meters altitude and it is also where you may have the privilege of seeing a moose. The park is home to the only colony of this species south of the St. Lawrence. As at Forillon you can practice activities such as canoeing, kayaking or fishing on one of seven lakes or three rivers.

If you have several days to devote to the park and are in good physical condition, you can tackle the very famous Appalachian International Trail, a trail that runs through the park for nearly 100 km. Guided 4-day tours allow for safe travel, including nights in huts, meals and luggage transportation from one hut to another.

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