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Quebec Most Famous Dishes Tourist Attraction

Quebec Most Famous Dishes

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Iconic dish of Quebec, I loved poutine but apparently, from what I could see for myself and in view of the experiences of some of my friends, there is no half measure concerning this dish, either we like or we hate.
For the base of a poutine, of course, take fries, add a brown sauce and cheese dung (yes that’s the name given by Quebec cheese beans served on it) and you will have the classic poutine. The secret of a good poutine lies in these 3 ingredients.

Quebec Most Famous Dishes Tourist Attraction

From there many variations are possible: choice of cheese, sauce, additions of meat, onions, mushrooms, sausages etc. … Some restaurants offer no less than a hundred different recipes but are careful not all are not equal.

The most famous restaurant in Montreal for its poutine is “La Banquise” which is open 24 hours a day. Expect to queue at any time of the day. I recommend “la deletion” you will find all the classic ingredients plus chopped steak and onions, I really loved it.

This dish is so consumed in Quebec, that it is even entitled to its special week every year: the “Poutine Week”. This is a contest attended by more than fifty restaurants who design a poutine specifically for the event. At the end of the week, the jury and the consumers determine the winners according to several categories.

Weekend Brunch

Go “brunch” on weekends is a must in Quebec life (which I quickly adopted!). In Quebec, a multitude of restaurants offers brunch menus in which you will almost always find eggs (cooked in any way possible), bacon, baked beans, potatoes, coffee or tea and a juice of an orange. This is the classic brunch.

Weekend Brunch

But what makes you prefer one restaurant over another when choosing your brunch, these are the different specialties offered in addition to fresh fruit salad, smoothies, pancakes, pancakes, sausages, bagel etc.
I will not make you a list of the best places to brunch because it’s really very subjective and it depends on your preferences. Every Quebecker will have a different answer to this question! But I have tested a lot of branches and none have ever disappointed me.

Go to a sugar shack

This is one of the traditions not to be missed in Quebec. Every spring, Quebecers flock with family and friends to the many sugar shacks in the region to celebrate the time of sugar. It is indeed at this time, that the maple water begins to flow. It is this water, which once boiled, allows farmers to produce all by-products such as syrup or maple butter.

sugar shack

The sugar shacks are generally located outside the city and offer a country setting. Many activities are proposed (sleigh ride, syrup making process, traditional dances) but do not be fooled it comes especially to eat a good meal!

Maple syrup served with whole carafes and served with all kinds of sauces: maple ham, potatoes, bacon and maple beans, bacon, sausages, eggs in syrup, and the famous ears crunches, salted bacon chips and fried in oil.

Not to mention the maple candies and the famous tradition of maple syrup, maple syrup poured directly on snow and wrap on a stick to make a lollipop, delicious but a bit sticky.

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