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New Fashion Trend Glory’s flagship V20 released Huawei’s terminal cloud service for Youth

Latest flagship glory V20

On December 26, Glory officially released the latest flagship glory V20. Kirin 980, 48 million AI ultra clear photography, Link Turbo, TOF stereo deep lens, powerful product configuration and experience, make the Glory V20 become the masterpiece of the top technology in the mobile phone industry in 2018, and redefine the flagship mobile phone of 2019 Standard, Huawei’s terminal cloud service equipped with the Glory V20 is a new fashion experience for the glory of youth. At the press conference, glory mobile phone spokesperson Hu Ge also visited the scene and shared his photo experience using the Glory V20.

Glory V20 mobile

The consumption of this young people is more “social”. Huawei’s cloud space, Huawei application market and other glory V20 mobile phone’s own APP has become the security guarantee for young users to pursue the ultimate trend of life.

Don’t worry about mobile phone data loss, Huawei cloud space strength circle powder.

Huawei cloud space data synchronization, cloud backup and find my mobile phone three functions to ensure digital life is safe and convenient.

Glory V20 Users

The high-frequency use of mobile phones by young users makes mobile phone software services more and more valued, and there is no shortage of fun and fashionable content. As an important entry point for downloading applications, Huawei’s application market exclusively offers “developer real-name certification”, “quadruple detection”, “periodic re-examination” and other security measures throughout the lifecycle of the application, for the daily glory of V20 users Ten thousand download escorts.


Its exclusive premium boutique apps and content will also give users a high-quality, stylish lifestyle experience. In the 9.0 version of the Huawei application market, the “Wish of Wishes” function has been added. For applications that cannot be found, users can join the “Wish List” with one click. The Huawei application market will look for everyone, very intimate.

Glory V20 is equipped with the Huawei

As a must-have for fashion, the Glory V20 is equipped with the Huawei Pay function, which not only realizes the integration of door keys, bank cards, bus cards, and citizen network electronic identity (eID), but also has a traffic card free card. For welfare activities such as fees, glory youths only need to bring a mobile phone and travel lightly to open a new era of smart fashion. Traveling abroad is plagued by network problems? Skyline provides an efficient global one-stop service for glory V20 users.

At present, Skyline has supported network coverage in 83 countries and regions around the world. Glory V20 users are overseas, you can enjoy global network services and enter smart connections without having to change cards or carry other devices. More than just network services, Skyline has launched a global 300+ city boutique travel guide, adding a 200+ destination overseas self-driving car rental and other one-stop outbound services, allowing users to truly enjoy a global tour.

The Link Turbo technology of the Glory V20 can intelligently detect network congestion, automatically switch instant applications to 4G channels, connect to WiFi or 4G, and even combine the two to ensure a high-traffic application brings users an unparalleled experience. For the entertainment of the network entertainment people to help.

Glory V20 cool screen

Huawei’s video, Huawei music, Huawei reading and other glory V20’s own app also brings users a cool full-screen audio-visual experience. Huawei video is an immersive immersive audiovisual experience. The 5000+ department of Hollywood and domestic cinemas can be said to be a collection of high-quality content, and you can choose from different quality channels such as art, technology and knowledge education. Huawei Music uses the Histen audio algorithm to improve sound quality, and the HiFi Music Zone allows Glory V20 users to enjoy the ultimate listening experience on the spot. At the same time, Huawei Music can recommend new songs, popular songs and selected radio content based on the user’s musical taste, bringing more music fun to users. Reading is essential, Huawei read and accompany the glory V20 users to enter the world.

Huawei Books Overview

At present, Huawei has more than 600,000+ books and high-definition color books to choose from. In addition to the excellent reading content, it also provides the function of listening to books. The excellent course + wonderful content makes the reading life of Glory V20 users more exciting. At the same time, Huawei’s reading eye protection mode, with the support of natural color display technology, brings an excellent reading experience.

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